Story’s & Video’s MEGA TREND

Story’s and short videos have become the new “MEGA TREND” that individuals and companies are using to win audience traffic and trust. It require to update new relevant content regularly and be able to answer comments in live or in very short time.


Many individuals communicate though stories and short videos. The rezone for this is that they know their targeted audience are searching for update, relevant, changing, fast content and most important – personalized that they can (in many cases) have a live discussion and immediate feedback from the content they are watching at every moment.

When short videos & story’s meet Marketing advertisers…

Advertisers needs to understand the way their targeted audience behave, where they are and how they consume their content. Talking about short stories and videos, they have to adapt to the audience preferences by changing the “behavior of the ads”


Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp videos and many more (sorry if something was forgotten) – all have the feature of short video. Some stays in the media forever, some for a day and some for less than a minute.


In order to keep on track with your followers and to answer quickly, before advertisers starting a short video campaign they organize a team that can answers the many questions and dissections being made in the social media. It is irrelevant to say mention the need to create in advance many short videos for the different goals and to have a strategic answers approach to ne synchronize as a company.


As for the daily use, it is possible to set robots to have automatic answers or having full time social media marketer employee to manage only this.


In any case a marketer strategic plan that includes short videos– in order for it to stand in “time to market” consider to be  “brave” and need to have in mind many variables in advance.


Good luck!

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