Money Transfer Methods

Online purchases and money transfer methods have become a hug obstacle. One have to find the best platform or app that provide secured service and accept variety of payments integrated with multiple payment sources.


Have you ever went into an Ecommerce website and left not because you didn’t wanted the product but as a result of bad experience?

In what payment Service would you use? Credit cards, Money transfer, Pay pall, Bitcoins and other digital wallets’?

In what platform you sale the product/service from? Website, CMS & plugins, Social medias (as Facebook) and many more?

When talking about purchases being done in the internet we can play two roles;

  1. As the product/service provider in which a consumer is buying from – This case requires from us to understand the costumers buying behavior and being effected by regulatory and cultural subjects. We as providers need to make it accessible to the marketplace.
  2. As a consumer that is interested in a product/service and will choose the most secured, privet, easy way to make the purchase.


The reason of presenting this two roles base on the believe of – understanding the market and personalize as possible the marketing effort to the consumer. When analyzing the two roles we can potentially get more sales and traffic.


Best of luck!

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