search engine optimization (SEO)

What is organic SEO?

If you are thinking of ranking your site on the first page of Google, you should consider organic SEO

On-page SEO

*Keywords * Content * Meta-tags * Site structure etc. -- Making websites to be Indexed by search engines

Off-page SEO

* Link Building * Link Format * Content Marketing * Social Linking -- Creating quality links

Ranking Factors

* Domain * Site quality * On-page SEO * Off-page SEO * Regional & lingual * 300 Other factors for ranking

SEO Rank & position based on algoritem of the search engines to determined how you are presented to your audience. Best SEO practice is to leverage and to maximis how this being done from your hand. 

Content marketing is a strong strategy to use. the known sentence : “content is king” is still relevant. even so it is not being ranked as it was. add new, updated and relevant content will definitely help your SEO and online traffic. do not copy or duplicate content – this is an example to one of many search engines, such google, algoritem thet can “punish” you over duplicate content. 

Organic SEO and Payed search are relevant and important to take under consideration. a smart strategy should build the two parallel. building your organic SEO in a smart way will help you spend less money on the paid search adnd will give you advantage if you have a low budget generally on for a period of time.

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