Market in Economic Crisis

Companies address digital advertising and expect immediate success. Unfortunately today,  many digital marketers uses strategy that focus only on paid campaigns and lots of money spend for advertising.  what will happen for companies that are in a difficult economic situation – as learned from the COVID19 times.

Building the right marketing strategy focused on advertising leaning on smart DIGITAL BRAND  will overcome!

So, what should be done?

First thing is to hold your ground. Stopping ongoing marketing that bring revenue will heart your business. But, in an economic crises (as for our example) you need to act fast and smart.

Step 1- Rethink who you are – what is the product or service, who are the targeted audience and where can they be found? Think about the new approach.


Step 2- Create a new strategy. Think about time to reach goals, places to Ad, technical abilities, budget etc.


Step 3 – Define new fusible goals that match your new approach:


WOM (word of mouth) and “digital footprints’” – think how to encourage people to talk about your brand positively and  independently


Personalization – create a personalized content and approach to reach better your targeted audience.


Availability – be available. Don’t let robots and automatic answers to waist the time of your audience. Try (as possible) to have real contact with them.


New places for your brand. Here you’ll need to be creative. Let’s say that you are selling flowers and small plants. Connecting to facebook / WhatsApp local groups, asking from people to market your brand in this groups will drive potential and loyal new costumers.


Step 4 – Time to act


Good luck

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