Saving Digital Assets

Did you forgot to pay for your domain/hosting of your website? is it down from some other reason?

Many businesses had to close due to COVID19. digital agencies are not exceptional and also victims from the same cause.

What to do when your digital agency stop working, your digital assets are down and you don’t have anyone you can to talk with?

Be smart in advance:​

There are many ways for creating backups that are truly not complicated which can save you a lot of time and protect your copy.


As for preventing in advanced, it is recommended to work offline. This can be done by having all text and media’s in an organize folder on your computer.


Second, it is also recommended to create “offline” editing environment on your computer using a dedicated software. In this case you have all assets on the wardrive and can update the website when changes are being made.

Traditional ways:​

Most people making backups in their hosting provider. This can be don also in several ways such:

  • Backup the hosting itself
  • Using dedicated Cpanel application (or software)
  • If you created your website from Cpanel, using the CMS (for example – WordPress) and create the website backup from there.
  • In the different CMS (as WordPress) there are many backups plugins that are doing a great job.


Be sure the update contain all the data source files of the website!!!


Download hard copy of the backup to your computer!!! Imagine you forgot to pay for your domain/hosting of your website is down from some other reason…


Schedule! Make automatic backups each period or every change you make in the website.


Good luck!

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