Making a home – office

From small to large, local and international companies, many had to move and close office workplaces due to the COVID19. It is time to recognize we are in a new age of employment environment – many employees have forgot from their office and are now working from their homes. Many employers considering this day about the […]

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InDesign 101

Creating a project: It is always recommended when first opening a software to set the default setting that are most convenient for you to use. This settings include (among many) locations, languages, documents default presets, measurements units and much more. As it is very intuitive here we’ll explain what we believe to be the most

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ADOBE Essential mix

This post is about the basics steps first time working with the “threesome” – MUST HAVE-  Adobe software’s: Photoshop, InDesign Illustrator  The threesome: Before starting any project with Adobe, you should know what it does. You should understand the concept of the “threesome” Adobe software: Photoshop, InDesign Illustrator and there role. Note: although one can

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Digital Market Research

Digital market research takes a journey to understand the marketplace (needs and want), design a customer driven marketing strategy, create marketing program that delivers value and build profitable relationship. Sounds like a cliché? When building a strong brand strategy base on real understanding of the market place will drive to successes There are many ways

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Traditional VS Digital

Digital marketing has grown so much and is such a powerful tool! dare I say that traditional marketing cannot work without digital marketing but digital marketing can work without the traditional one? Nevertheless, and depend on your product or service, a smart marketer strategy will combine Digital & Traditional tools to use for their advantage

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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing technologies help to pear within the office, attend meetings, lectures & conferences among many other events. From small encrypted platforms to big users logged in, discussion rooms and file transfers – DGforce have the solution for you

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Digital Presence

Digital presence is necessary today more than ever. Building the right strategy with focus of the right platform to use, adaptive content, analyzing market effectiveness, time spent, technological abilities, money invented and other critical criteria’s are the basics foundation for a smart digital move. Don’t waste your time for any less!

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Market in Economic Crisis

Companies address digital advertising and expect immediate success. Unfortunately today,  many digital marketers uses strategy that focus only on paid campaigns and lots of money spend for advertising.  what will happen for companies that are in a difficult economic situation – as learned from the COVID19 times. Building the right marketing strategy focused on advertising

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Saving Digital Assets

Did you forgot to pay for your domain/hosting of your website? is it down from some other reason? Many businesses had to close due to COVID19. digital agencies are not exceptional and also victims from the same cause. What to do when your digital agency stop working, your digital assets are down and you don’t

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VPN Marketing

Some products and services company or country origin is hidden from their targeted audience. The right strategy and actions are needed to separate markets to create this trust and market the best.

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