Digital Market Research

Digital market research takes a journey to understand the marketplace (needs and want), design a customer driven marketing strategy, create marketing program that delivers value and build profitable relationship.

Sounds like a cliché?

When building a strong brand strategy base on real understanding of the market place will drive to successes

There are many ways to proceed a marketing research that are usually based on the type of marketing in use– traditional and digital. Digital marketers usually making research to see your competitors digital assets, keywords, links, visualization, copy, Ads etc. In traditional research in many cases taking into consideration a different approach such as micro / marco environments and the 4P’s Marketing mix (product, place, price, promotion) among other.

The last few years we have experienced the two worlds. In one side the digital marketers in many cases don’t understand and don’t see the benefit of traditional marketing research. On the other hand Traditional marketers (consider to be “digital ignorant” in the ayes of their competitors) understand the digital advantage but know the power of their way.

Let’s put a said the politics and the ego!

The best way to market today is to understand the advantages and the two worlds regarding market research and to use them in parallel to understand better who are your targeted audience, their behavior, competitors, environments and much more.

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