recommended 2022 cryptocurrencies

Best recommended 2022 cryptocurrencies for investment.

Over the past 10 years, only in 2014, there has been a decline in the overall market value of cryptocurrencies. It is true that the epidemic era has seen some irresponsible speculation in the crypto field, in addition to digital asset fraud reaching an all-time high in 2021.

Bitcoin (BTC) – Recommended cryptocurrencies 2022

Everyone who invests in crypto must have bitcoin, bitcoin is without a doubt the largest crypto currency by market value.
The currency, which has 13 years of experience, has a total market value of almost $ 900 billion. It accounts for almost 40% of the total value of the cryptocurrency market and is the only digital asset with a fund traded on the US stock exchange following its movements.

As a currency, crypto has a very long history and one that companies like Tesla Inc. (Ticker: TSLA) and MicroStrategy Inc. (MSTR) hold their balance sheets, BTC is the most mature currency of its kind and an investment on which good crypto skill is required.

Atherium (ETH)

Atherium still accounts for about 20% of the total market, most likely it will be able to surpass Bitcoin in relevance.
This is because it has a real role to play, with the Atherium network being considered as the most popular blockchain in the world.

Smart contracts, non-detachable tokens and even other cryptocurrencies are traded on Atherium, making its local currency (ETH) one of the best cryptocurrencies that can be bought.
ETH is also designed to be much more energy efficient than Bitcoin when it goes through a job proof protocol, it also does not have to waste a lot of energy in verifying blockchain transactions by using very sophisticated computing efforts.


While Atherium will soon address some of the energy issues plaguing Bitcoin, Solana has addressed one of the biggest issues with Atherium that is: transaction fees that make Atherium transactions uneconomically feasible, but Solana’s fees are a tiny fraction compared to Atherium fees.
Like Atherium, Solana was built to be a top-notch platform for decentralized financing, or DeFi, which disconnects traditional financial brokers and gatekeepers and institutions like banks, brokers and centralized exchanges.

Solana, launched in 2020, has a small share but is growing in the market as the value of the currency jumped from $ 1.51 in early 2021 to more than $ 160.

Cardano (ADA) – 2022 Recommended Cryptocurrencies

Cardano, founded in 2017 by co-founder of Atherium, Charles Hoskinson, is one of the largest blockchain networks to successfully run the more energy-efficient protocol.
Cardano strives to nurture developer-friendly ecosystems for distributed applications, or dApps. Unlike Atherium, Cardano has a record for the currency quota that could ever exist, reaching $ 45 billion.

Fortunately for investors, $ 33.5 billion, or about 74%, of this offering can already be invested. It just means that Cardano is considered one of the best cryptocurrencies you can buy right now, and it has jumped from 22 cents to about $ 1.30 in the last year.


The reason Dogecoin is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now, one of the investors in these coins is Elon Musk, who is not only the ironic fan considered within Dogecoin’s crypto in 2021, he is also the CEO of Tesla.
Given the power that Musk’s word has in the crypto field, this is a market that has not yet had a price response to its investment in DogeCoin.
If the mainstream media picks up Musk’s charm from the currency again soon, or if the unexpected billionaire makes his admiration for Dockoin more public, then Dockoin may have profits in the short term.

Yaren Finance Currency (YFI)

The hottest currency you have ever heard of is Iron Finance. Iron Finance is a $ 1.4 billion token with serious volatility.
Over the past year, prices have ranged from $ 18,566 to $ 93,435. Currently trading at about $ 38,000, Iron Finance is about the 80th largest currency by market value.

It also has a goal, to expand the DeFi arena for investors and less technical users by providing an optimal return option.
Distributed financing as a whole is guaranteed to grow over time, but the field is still technically challenging, but Yaren Finance promises users to invest more easily in the long run.
In the short term, YFI performed very well. In late December and early January, it jumped more than 20% while most of the other crypto fell.

MATIC Currency

Matic currency has become the most popular crypto currency over the past year, rising about 100 times during that time.
Now, the top 15 token, MATIC, with a market capitalization of $ 17 billion, is still one of the best cryptocurrencies to be bought with early 2022.
Matic has a similar goal to Yaren Finance, but it uses its own method for investing, by making a blockchain a wider investment.
The technology is specifically designed to expand the atrium and allow dApps that may be endless to operate on it. About 72% of the maximum supply of Matic currency stands at 10 billion tokens already.

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